Saturday, July 09, 2005

Great night at the Rose & Thistle

Tonight was a nice evening/night. It was a Friday so that was great on its own but I also went to a local restaurant/pub, The Rose & Thistle, after work for dinner and to drink and socialize with some of the regulars. I'm glad I did because it was a great night and I finally ended up leaving about 12:30am. One of my co-workers also tends bar there a night during the week so I've met most of the people I know there through her and everyone I've met there is wonderful and inviting. Tonight I met a couple new people, one of whom was the owner of the place (a very nice and intersteing man from England I think) and another was a friend of my coworker (and others there), Cindy, whose perfume, I must say, smelled very nice. Cindy, Kim and I had some interesting discussions during the night, that's for sure. Alcohol may have had an influence on some of them, I imagine. :) Good times though. No better way to spend this friday night.
Well, it's late, I'm a little tired and some good television is on so good night.

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