Monday, December 08, 2008

I love and!

Are you a student with some spare time between classes or during breaks and are looking to make some extra cash?  Do you want the newest video game that came out but don't have the money and saving up takes too long?  Are you a parent who knows how much your little one wants a certain toy and you wish there were a cheaper, easier way to get it for them?  If you can identify with any of those scenarios or if you just want to get rewarded for your spare time spent online than you may want to check out (P2S) and its sister site

P2S and Cashle are Get Paid To... (GPT) sites that will pay you for doing very simple and free surveys and sign-ups online.  Points2Shop pays in points, as the name suggests.  Each point is worth $0.01 and your points can be "spent" on anything that sells.  Typical surveys and sign-ups are worth 45, 50 or 65 points but there are a lot that are worth over 100 points which become available to you after reaching their "Silver" level.  FYI, I reached Silver in 5 days so it's not very hard.  I am in just my 7th day of membership and have just under 2200 points (already more than enough to get the Nintendo 2000 Wii Points Card that I originally wanted).

As Points2Shop pays out for its surveys and such in points, Cashle pays out in actual CASH.  Corresponding with the P2S formula, typical surveys and sign-ups when completed through your Cashle link will pay out $0.45, $0.50 or $0.65.  The good thing is that your one registration includes access to BOTH platforms so you can choose if you want to complete something for cash or for points.  If you complete something for cash you can accumulate your cash and opt to have it deposited into your PayPal, E-Gold or Alertpay accounts, have a physical check sent to you or redeem your cash for gift certificates.  You can also convert your cash to points using the $0.01 = 1 point rule.  However, points cannot be converted to cash.  Note that there are some offers that can only be completed for points and not cash.

Like I said, I am currently on my 7th day of membership and am already at 2200 points and almost halfway to redeeming them for my first prize, Mario Kart Wii with the Wii Wheel.  How awesome is that?  A $50 game for a couple hours a day over two weeks.  Once I get it I will post a picture and my "unboxing" here to prove that getting things with Points2Shop and Cashle really is that easy.

If you decide to sign up I will recommend (as will the members page on their site) that you go to the Getting Started guide at (More Nickels n Points) as it has a wealth of information on getting started, completing offers, excellent tips (like creating a new, specific SPAM e-mail account for completing offers) and listings of the easiest, quickest and highest paying offers available for you to complete at Points2Shop and Cashle.

So, head on over to check it out and while you are there, have a look at the Proof Forum where members post pictures and videos of their prizes to prove to everyone that you can get what you want by using the site.  Lastly, let me be the first to welcome you to Points2Shop/Cashle! & HP Giving Away $6000 in Gear!!

If you haven't heard yet, HP, being the generous folks that they are, is partnering with 50 of the top technology blogs around the world to give away over $300,000 worth of computer and tech gear through the HP Magic Giveaway.  One of the sites involved in the giveaway is and you can check out their rules and enter their portion of the giveaway by clicking here.  The contest is being held in the spirit of giving so one luck winner from each site (50 total) will get $6000 worth of stuff and they are encouraged to give some, or all, of it away.  It's a very cool idea and contest so go ahead and click to and enter for your chance to be someone's hero this year.

Down To Earth Mama HP Magic Giveaway

So, I feel a little wierd about this post because it is gaining me a bonus entry into an HP contest to win over $6000 worth of computer products.  However, it IS over $6000 worth of computer products so I'll continue to write it.  The task is to write a post about how I plan to make, or have made, the world a little better.

Well, one thing I do which I think helps is to donate blood.  I'm a universal donor so I like to think that my blood is going to do some good when I donate.  Who knows, I may have contributed to saving someone's life and I'd not even know it.  Check out this page on the American Red Cross' website where blood recipients share their stories and give their thanks and I can't see how someone would not feel some obligation to give.

So, go to to find out when and where you can give blood and help save someone's life.