Monday, December 08, 2008

Down To Earth Mama HP Magic Giveaway

So, I feel a little wierd about this post because it is gaining me a bonus entry into an HP contest to win over $6000 worth of computer products.  However, it IS over $6000 worth of computer products so I'll continue to write it.  The task is to write a post about how I plan to make, or have made, the world a little better.

Well, one thing I do which I think helps is to donate blood.  I'm a universal donor so I like to think that my blood is going to do some good when I donate.  Who knows, I may have contributed to saving someone's life and I'd not even know it.  Check out this page on the American Red Cross' website where blood recipients share their stories and give their thanks and I can't see how someone would not feel some obligation to give.

So, go to to find out when and where you can give blood and help save someone's life.

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Corina - Down to Earth Mama said...

Thank you for your entry. Thank you for giving blood. As someone who knows those who have been recipients, it means alot.