Saturday, April 30, 2005

It's a zoo out there

One of the good things about working at or attending a university is that there are always various things to do either on or around campus. Last night the College of Food, Agriculture and Environmental Sciences had a free event at the Columbus Metropolitan Zoo for all OSU students, staff, faculty members and up to 3 guests per person. There was free food in the way of cookout fare (hot dogs, hamburgers, etc.), free rides on the carousel and prizes given away at the end of the night for those who participated in a “scavenger hunt” during the evening. It ended at 11:00pm but I only stayed until about 9:30. The Columbus Zoo is a very nice zoo but last night's event wasn't too great. It was a wonderful event for the university to have but a lackluster trip to the zoo. It was the first time in years that I had been to the zoo at night and I have to say that it is not the best time to go, unless it is winter during the light exhibits. There's just not that much lighting around a lot of the exhibits and they suffer or fail because of it. Plus, there was more construction going on and some of the animal exhibits were closed. Part of the reason for the closed exhibits, however, is due to the recent animal deaths at the zoo. In just the past few weeks 2 girraffes and 2 zebras have died.

It was a good evening though, because I ran into a few people from work, saw a couple other people I've met previously and got a few photos of the Gibbons and Kangaroos. So, it was a pretty good time. I'll have to go back on a nice day in the morning though for some better photographs.

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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Brownstone on Main and Biz Markie

I went out to eat tonight for a co-worker's birthday at a resturant called Brownstone on Main in a group of about 10 people - some from work and others, friends of hers. I had a blackened talapia with greens and a mild spicy rice. It was really good, although a bit pricey, I thought. Anyway, while we were there an entourage of big, urban-dressed guys (one with lots of gold chains) came up the elevator and looked around before going back to be seated and one of the guys in our group recognized the main person in the group and it was none other than Biz Markie! Apparently the Brownstone had what he needed. I wonder if the white H2 that I saw being parked in the valet section was his then? Hmmm...

Monday, April 18, 2005

Adobe to accquire Macromedia

Well, this is rather big news in the software world.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

More 911 phone incompetence

Now, what the hell was this dumb@$$ 911 operator thinking??
It's just sad that this happens with as much frequency as it does. The worst part is that he just got two letters of reprimand and didn't get fired. I wonder how he would feel if he called 911 because, say, someone was breaking into his car or house and the dispatcher asked him if he wanted them to go over and shoot him so he would forget about the break in.
Moron should be fired.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Does anyone really care about Britney Spears?

So, I'm surfing around while checking out different programs to consider using for my upcoming website and I go out to Yahoo and see their headline saying that Britney Spears confirms that she is pregnant. Aside from Hollywood media types that make money off crap like that or 6 year old girls, does anyone really care? She sucks. 'Nuff said.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Finally hit 10K...

It's very obvious that I've not driven my car much in the year since I got it because I just yesterday passed 10,000 miles. I was just out for a leisurely drive with the windows down and sunroof open because it was so nice outside and just decided to drive for a couple hours. I fully intend to make sure that a whole year doesn't pass again before I hit 20,000.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

New York Man in Elevator For 3 Days

Wow, this must have sucked. 81 hours in a broken express elevator with no food or water. According to the man he allegedly tried the call button a number of times and got a response a few but as he is Chinese there was a great language barrier. Of course, the management of the apartment said that was not the case and the first they were aware of him was the day before he was rescued when they say the first record of the alarm or call button shows up. There was a security camera in the elevator but it apparently doesn't record and just sends a live feed to monitors that are supposed to be, well, monitored. It's also apparent, based on other tenant responses, that the elevators in the apartment building are notorious for their many problems.