Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Vacation time and website launch!

Well, it's almost time for me to leave for my vacation and I am more than ready to go. I am really looking forward to getting away from the heat and humidity of Columbus but am even more glad to just get away from work for more than a weekend. That's worth more than anything.
I am going to have a great time. Most of it will probably just be spent walking along coastal areas, in parks and through the towns though. I don't really have too many touristy things that I want to do, just want to relax and enjoy the area and scenery. I've got my camera gear all ready so photography will be the main focus of my travels and I am looking forward to having some fresh from the ocean seafood. :)
I finally posted my website last night too, or at least what I have done as of right now. It is usable but there's still a lot that I have to do to get it to where I really want to have it. Go have a look at if you're interested. I'll try to update the travel blog and photo gallery as I find places with internet access during the trip.