Saturday, April 23, 2005

Brownstone on Main and Biz Markie

I went out to eat tonight for a co-worker's birthday at a resturant called Brownstone on Main in a group of about 10 people - some from work and others, friends of hers. I had a blackened talapia with greens and a mild spicy rice. It was really good, although a bit pricey, I thought. Anyway, while we were there an entourage of big, urban-dressed guys (one with lots of gold chains) came up the elevator and looked around before going back to be seated and one of the guys in our group recognized the main person in the group and it was none other than Biz Markie! Apparently the Brownstone had what he needed. I wonder if the white H2 that I saw being parked in the valet section was his then? Hmmm...

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