Saturday, July 16, 2005

Another wonderful night at the Rose

I can think of no better way that I could have spent this evening/night than the way I spent it. I went to the Rose & Thistle again this eveing and it was great. I intended to eat dinner but instead just had a few appetizers and a healthy dose of alcoholic beverage. And some of my faovorut people were there too. J&K, who it always good to see; his neighbor, Louisiana whom I met for the first time, Bobby, whom I had heard of but never met and Cindy, who I met last week and has quickly grown on me and was more than a pleasure to see again. The conversaitions were excellent and memorable and the food and drinks were good so what more could you ask for?
Tomorrow I'm going to go out and do some things around Columbus and get some more time in with my new camera. Should be fun!

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