Friday, July 15, 2005

Chinese threat of A-bombs & more news.

Chinese General Threatens Use of A-Bombs if U.S. Intrudes - NY Times Link
It says that the General emphasized that this was his personal opinion and not representing policy but I don't know how much I would beleive out of Beijing, especially when Taiwan's independence is involved.
Microsoft Joins Marvel in Online Game Deal - NY Times Link
This could be cool if it's done right. I would like to see a character generation system so you could create you own heroes and villans like the old Marvel Universe role playing game. 500 Spider-Men and Wolverines running around a city map does not sound like my idea of fun though.
Own Original Chinese Copies of Real Western Art! - NY Times Link
Own a Van Gough for cheap!

Only 13 hours 'til Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince!
I still haven't read Goblet of Fire so I'm not too excited, really.

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