Friday, July 09, 2004

Would you hire a divorced lawyer as a divorce lawyer?

I was on the New York Times website today looking around for information on hotels, city life and things to do in general because I have been thinking about taking a trip up there and I saw an article on this young woman from Jersey who decided that it's time for her to be married and put up a website advertising herself and what she's looking for in a husband so that she can meet her goal to be engaged by December. The site is Now, I see nothing wrong with putting yourself on the web and basically advertising yourself to the world in hopes of finding someone whom you are compatible with, attracted to and would be able to live with, share with and grow with for the rest of your lives (obviously not the easiest thing in the world based on divorce rates) but I find it odd that someone who says she is an event planner specializing bachelorette parties, a "dating coach" and who has worked as a matchmaker for WB TV would put out this website. I guess I don't find it odd but it just seems like it's more for publicity. I don't know, I suppose times change and people certainly go about things in many different ways so I can't knock it, but when I thought about it at first it seemed weird that someone who is seemingly desperate to find someone and get maerried this way is also a dating coach and a matchmaker. It just reminded me of a program I saw where a couple was going through a divorce and the female hired a divorced female as her divorce lawyer. I don't get it.
Oh well, if you are a Jewish male, between the ages of 25 and 31, in the NYC area, a "go-getter", work out and are spiritually and emotionally developed, then Blaire is looking for you so send her an e-mail and a picture and you may find yourself engaged by the end of the year!

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