Monday, February 16, 2009

Won My First Blog Giveaway!

What a great day! I was checking my e-mail this morning at work and saw a message with the subject "You've won on Mom Knows It All" and my heart skipped a beat (figuratively, of course, unless I have an undiagnosed heart murmur or something).
I won a giveaway for $50 worth of patterns and things from The website is really pretty nice and it is built on a great idea. If you are a crafty person or would like to be a crafty person you should find something that you like. The site founders believe that, essentially, anyone can make anything on the site. You can buy and download instructions, material lists and patterns for various craft things and then, as the site name says, you can make it. I am looking forward to getting the prize bundle because there are a few items I want to make for the nieces and nephew.
Many thanks to Valerie at Mom Knows It All and to for finally making me a blog giveaway winner! Hopefully, there will many more to follow!

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