Thursday, June 16, 2005

Brother, can you spare a dime...or 50,000 dimes?

Nothing much new.
I'm trying to get my web site finished, or at least mostly to the point that I can open it to a usable level. I'm pushing for July 1, but it depends on how much I actually work on it in the next couple weeks. I've still got a lot to do.
I'm trying to get my vacation planned too so I can start to make reservations soon. Probably will be ging in early to mid August so I need to get that done too.
I really do want a new DSLR too so I can have very nice, high quality photos from the trip. But that requires more money...
Anyway, here's a few links that are interesting, funny, stupid or all of the above.

NASA's next moon landing
Earth-like planet found outside our solar system

China says cigarettes are good for you!
Hypnotist puts gamer in real FPS (interesting if it is real, but doubt it. I mean, even if "hypnotized" the guy would have to realize that he's shooting a frickin paintball gun and that he's not reloading after blasting off so many shots even if he doesn't realize what kind of gun he's holding. Anyway...)
Infant daughter while couple plays online game

Women wanted to test sex machine
Man amputates own penis and kills "sex crazed" wife


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