Thursday, March 31, 2005

So, what's new?

So, if you haven't noticed and you "regularly" read my blog, it's been a while since I've written anything. Well, here's the cumulative update:
Spring quarter has begun so we've been kind of busy in my office with people looking for money and such. The weather has been spectaculaarrr these past few days getting up to the low 70's, but since I work in a crappy building I've only gotten to enjoy it during my lunch walks and after work walks. However, as is the way with Ohio weather, there is a possibility of snow this weekend.
I'm starting to take language classes again since it's been a couple years since my last Chinese class and I would really like to eventually become fluent. I'm actually taking a couple credit hours of Chinese to get myself back into it and refresh my skills and also begining a credit hour of Japanese to introduce myself to the laguage and start to learn it. Should be fun.
Johnny Cochran and Terri Schiavo died. The Pope is getting much worse. Comes in 3s?? hmm...
The Screen Savers has become Attack Of The Show and still kicks ass. Speaking of ass, the other day they actually had a doctor insert a usb web server up a willing participant's ass and served up the site during their show. That was pretty funny. The site is hosted on their main servers now but they have a video clip on there now. Go watch it. :)

Hmm...Not much else is going on with me, i guess you didn't miss much, eh? Oh well.
I am trying to find something to do Memorial Day weekend though. Maybe go visit friends if they aren't busy with family stuff or maybe take a little trip somewhere? If any friends are reading and have ideas or are free to go somewhere, drop me a line. Odd phrase, that is.
So, that's it. Later.

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