Wednesday, February 09, 2005

I really need a vacation...

So, I've decided that this year I am going to try to take a few "real" vacations for myself since I have really never vacationed anywhere on my own. The last time I was on an actual vacation was at least 8-9 years ago when I was still in college and would have went with my parents over a break or something. And I can't count the occasional little weekend trips to see a friend 130 miles away a vacation, so I've really never been on one by myself. So, as a resolution of sorts - or rather an ongoing change since I'm still single and can, I've decided to start taking at least 2 or 3 little getaways and one major trip per year.
So, the real task (aside from paying for them) will be to decide where to go. This year I think it's pretty easy. I love to cook, I love to eat and I love Food Network programming, especially anything with Rachel Ray. So, I enjoy her $40 a Day show where she goes to various places throughout the country and abroad and highlights local eating places with very good but not so expensive food. A few weeks ago I happened to be watching an episode where she went to Philadelphia and was very interested in some of the little steak shops that she went to. Mmmm... Also, there was a special about diners hosted by Al Roker that went through some places in New Jersey that looked very good. So, I think that one of the trips I will take will be to Philly. The other that I definitely want to do this year is New York City. I've never been and just really want to but I think that will actually be a multiple trip thing. I already have the hotel in mind which is right near Chinatown (where I will probably end up spending most of my time eating...) and Little Italy. So, now I just need to save some money and decide when to go.
Then the big trip that I want to do this year is actually going to be a cruise. I am really interested and excited about that because while I've been on ferrys in British Columbia and know that I like the water, I will really love spending 5-7 days on a boat with a balcony room just sitting and relaxing on the open water. I really want to do an Alaska/B.C. cruise for a week but I think I'll have to tabe that one for next year because that will run me about $4-5000. I'll probably just do a Mexico or Bahamas cruise later this year for my first one but I've got some time still and am open to anything really.
So, if there is actually anyone who reads my blog I'd like to solicit suggestions for both the cruise destination (probably staying below $2500-3000) and also locations for little 3-4 day trips with rich histories and cultural areas. You can just leave a comment if you like.
I also want to have sold my current digital cameras at least by the cruise time and finally buy a DSLR and some good lenses to take with me. Ah, if only I could win the lottery...Oh well, I can dream...

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