Thursday, August 26, 2004

S3 at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course

This past weekend I was in Lexington, OH during Saturday and Sunday participating in the first annual Speed, Style & Sound Magazine Triple Crown Tuner Challenge and had a pretty good time. It is essentially a car show and competition in which people compete in those 3 categories: Speed, Style and Sound. It was co sponsored by Hyundai and Hyundai USA paid admission to the event and entry into the style competitions for owners of '03 and '04 Tiburons, which is why I went. We had about 30-33 Tiburons there which was really cool because it's such a cool looking car anyway but when you have people with bodykits, paintjobs, expensive a/v systems and more, it is very impressive to see all those Tiburons. We performed really well in the competitions too, taking about 1/3 of all the available trophies, etc. I took a bunch of pictures and I will eventually post them on the site, probably tonight, so I'll post a link back here too.
Hopefully they will have it at Mid-Ohio next year too and I had better have some of the modifications that I want done by then so I can compete in all events. Anyway, pictures to come soon.

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