Friday, August 27, 2004

Olympics, the '05 Corvette and Politics

I'm watching some of the Olympics, not much though because I just have basic cable so can only watch what comes on NBC. But, even then I'm only watching certain events that I like, like diving tonight in which I was strongly pulling for the Chinese women and was very glad to see JingJing Guo get the individual gold (because she's incredible and incredibly attractive) and MingXia Wu come in second with the silver. And, even better was learning that Taiwan got their first and second gold medals in the country's olympic history! No doubt the celebrations in Taiwan are going on. Too bad they still can't compete under their country name of Taiwan instead of Chinese Taipei. Maybe by the '08 games in Beijing (which I am definitely going to and will be fluent in my Chinese by then, dammit). That would really steam mainland China.
GM pulling their Corvette ad because of safety group concerns is so frickin' ridiculous ( I very much hate when groups complain about something like this when there are so many other products offered by competing companies and other companies whose commercials are far worse than this. Yeah, it's bad to see a little kid in a sports car speeding and jumping and looking like he's having fun but I guess all of those beer ads with overt sexual messages and even clothing commercials geared towards teens that seem to do the same are ok for the kids, right? As long as they're made to look safe. But, I like ultraviolent videogames so I suppose I can't say much. Whatever. I would love to be in advertising and see how many of my ideas got used. Lord knows I would have canned a lot of the crap that's on tv right now. The '05 Corvette kicks ass, by the way and if I should happen to have a spare $50K next year, I could se myself driving one. But, it is still the only good car in the Chevrolet line. Everything else sucks, except the SSR. :)
Lastly, it would be cool to see Kerry and Bush have weekly debates up through the election and it's good that Kerry suggested it but, of course, the Bush camp would never do it.
Oh well, I'm tired and have been sitting at my computer too long so I'm done. Look for pictures from the S3 Triple Crown tomorrow.

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