Tuesday, January 18, 2005

S.H.E. - Encore

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I'm listening to my S.H.E. playlist at work which (finally) includes their newest album, Encore. It came out mid November but I finally just got it from YesAsia a couple weeks ago. As usual it is an excellent CD packed with great songs. I actually got the MV DVD which came with a CD copy of the album and it was all only $17.00! And the production value of the booklet and package is excellent, as usual. That's why I have no problem in buying Chinese and Japanese dvds and cds from YesAsia, because the quality is so excellent and labels often have extras included with the album itself and it costs less than DVDs and CDs in the states. I still don't think I'll ever buy another US CD and only buy 1-3 dvds per year because the crap is frickin' expensive. WalMart $0.88 music downloads are the way to go for my US music from now on. Don't feel like paying inflated prices for crappy plastic jewel cases and skimpy booklets.
Anyway, Encore is filled with great songs and I love the video and extended video/story for their song Wo Ai Ni (I love you) on the DVD. The one to watch if you are in need of a good cry. And, when I first saw the video for Da Nu Ren Zhu Yi (Female Chauvinism) I couldn't beleive how amazing Hebe looked. Of course, she looks amazing all the time even when not made up, but I had to do a double take when she first appeared in the video! ;) Wow! Now, they have a double cd set coming out this week of a live performance from Taipei in September. 130 minutes for only $15.00! I'm all over that.
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