Sunday, September 12, 2004

I wish I had occasions to use my video camera more often. I've been playing more with some software for designing professional dvds with full motion menus and buttons and various highlight effects and stuff and it's all fun and nice but I've really only used my video camera like twice in the past2-3 years so I don't have anything recent that I really want to put on dvd. Plus, it's more fun to actually present someone else with a product instead of just making them for me, but alas, no opportunities to do anything for anyone. Although, if I had tv capture card for my pc I could record OSU football games in high-def and create dvds of those with all kinds of extra features and stuff...not for public broadcast or sale, of course, but just for me and friends. :) I may have to do that. At least it will give me a project to occupy my time.
If you know me and have any ideas or requests, let me know. :)
Now, off to spend time with my sofa and Family Guy dvds and let my pc continue dowloading POA. ;D

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Theiceskater said...

When you get the opportunity copy an OSU football game to disc for me. Also, a great video experience is to walk the river front in Cincinnati, and eat at the Montgomery Inn. You'll be surprised at the last name of the owners. The river view from the second floor of the restaurant is a good one. Another good video experience is at Scioto Downs and Beulah Park. At Scioto Downs the camera person is Barry Conrad. At Beulah Park, ask for Dale (betting supervisor).