Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Professor fired over Va. Tech discussion

It really bothers me that this professor was fired.
Read the Yahoo article here.

As a college graduate and having worked at a major university now for 8 years, it seems to me that the purpose of an institution of "higher learning" is certainly to teach but also to broaden minds and ways of thinking, especially at a liberal arts institution such as Emmanuel. I've seen criticisms online that since he was a finance professor that he shouldn't have been talking about the incident as he did in his class...what a load! Teachers and kids in high school, and probably younger ages than that, talked about it and I'm sure it's been talked about for more than the 5 minutes that this professor had. And, again, this is a college/university where the students (young adults) are supposed to talk about current events and the world around them. I just hope he gets hired quickly somewhere else.
Here's some more news coverage and his YouTube response to the incident:

Boston.com News
His YouTube video responses

And, this is the Emmanuel College "About" page that tells of their mission and so forth. Funny that this line is included in that staement:

"We challenge ourselves, faculty and students alike, to be rigorous in our pursuit of the truth as we explore and question, analyze and research."

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