Tuesday, October 24, 2006

CEGPhoto.com is coming!!

I now have a central location for all my photography related shops and galleries: www.cegphoto.com!
The domain is live and populated with a temporay page with links to my Cafe Press site and the DotPhoto site but I will be working on the full site design so will try to have it done and posted by the end of November (but hopefully sooner).
In addition to continuing to edit and create more photo prints and photo gifts I'm also working on a new Cafe Press store with non-photo items. It should be fun and cool as I'll have various shirts with OSU themes and funny themes and anything else I think of. Keep watching for updates.
Or, just sign up for my CEGPhoto newsletter at www.cegphoto.com and you'll be notified when it goes live as well as receive any other updates and specials.

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