Saturday, May 07, 2005

Tea Ceremony & OSU Renaissance Faire

Well, today was a fun filled day. This morning the Chinese Culture Club went to Zen Cha Tea Salon for a Chinese Tea Ceremony demonstration.

It was very interesting and I left with a lot of good information on Chinese teas. Information which I am going to try to put to use. Since I don't drink coffe, I am more likely to drink tea, but rarely do. However, after the information about particular kinds of teas from China I am going to have to change my drinking habits. One in particular, Pu Erh, I'm going to have to try and work it into a regular habit. Not really knowing anything about fine tea, I was surprised to hear how expensive it can be. Here is a small example from one website (Generation Tea) but from what we learned at Zen Cha today, quality aged Pu Erh can fetch prices that are much, much higher. But, yeah, it was very interesting and the tea was good as well.

After that, we went to lunch and then later I decided to go to the OSU Medieval & Renaissance Faire since I had my camera with me and it was a beautiful day. I'm glad that I did go and stay as long as I did because I ended up running into Misty who was doing Tarot readings at the PSA (Pagan Student Association) table. I also had a good time watching sword fights, sideshow performers and the Singing Milkmaids, whose CD I also bought.

It was supposed to be $12 but I only had a $10 bill left in my wallet so they gave it to me for $10. Very nice of them, eh? :) *Thanks!*
So I spent time with nice people, got some good photos and had a good time so it was a day well spent. I'll be putting some photos in my gallery soon (hopefully on my new site soon rather than the yahoo one).
Well, Invader Zim is just coming on now on Nicktoons so I'm gonna go watch that now.
"You! Obey the fist!!"

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